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Wes Carter of Atlantic Packaging On The Case For Optimism About The Next Ten & Twenty Years

“Case for Optimism” is a series created by Medium that highlights different ideas, breakthroughs, and innovations in order to create hope for a positive future. As part of this series, they reached out to president of Atlantic Packaging, Wes Carter, and interviewed him on his hopes and plans for the future of packaging. As a board member of The Conservation Alliance and having a deep love for the environment, Carter is using his influence and determination to bring about lasting sustainable change in the packaging industry. 

Carter touches on the beginning of his journey to a more sustainable Earth, talking about his early role models and inspirations. Growing up in the Wilmington-Wrightsville Beach area, Carter has a strong passion for the outdoors and the protection of natural wildlife. It’s this love and inspiration that drove him to create A New Earth Project, an initiative whose mission is to rid the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution.  

He goes on to talk about the importance of staying optimistic about the future, the positive impact of technology now and later, and how he manages to persevere during trying times. Wes Carter serves as a pioneer of sustainable packaging in the industry which is the largest global contributor to the waste crisis. He is convinced that if businesses, consumers, and producers came together, we could all change the world for the better. 

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