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Introducing the Cruz Cool Sustainable Cold Chain Solution


We are so excited to introduce the Cruz Cool (™) sustainable cold chain cooler solution from Cruz Foam, just in time to celebrate Plastic Free July!

Currently shipping in limited quantities to customers with pilot programs, the Cruz Cool is the first-of-its-kind premium, sustainable, insulated protective box. It’s the perfect alternative to traditional EPS foam coolers and can be used to safely and sustainably ship perishable goods door-to-door.

Interested in trying this product? We’re still a few months out from being able to ship these in greater quantities. But please send us a message from the Cruz Cool product listing in the New Earth Approved Catalog here.

Cruz Cool is an elegantly designed system using interlocking panels of corrugated paperboard lined with compostable Cruz Foam. It stores flat and is quick and easy to assemble.  The system is Cruz Foam’s first curbside recyclable** cold chain product providing 48 hour insulation and protection. It’s ideal for conventional cold chain e-commerce fulfillment.

(**See below for how Cruz Cool is curbside recyclable.)

So many companies, especially in the food and beverage space, are shipping perishable products directly to their customers. This includes meal kit delivery services, seafood companies, and other specialty foods. With the Cruz Cool, now there’s a way for these companies to replace problematic plastic foam with a sustainable, curbside recyclable cooler box. Everybody wins!

Download the Cruz Cool Sell Sheet to see features and details of the system.

**How is Cruz Cool curbside recyclable? Cruz Foam itself is a home-compostable foam. In this application, Cruz Foam is placed between sheets of corrugated cardboard. After Cruz Cool is put in a curbside recycling bin, the fiber from the cardboard is recoverable in the cardboard recycling stream. In that repulping process, the Cruz Foam itself is easily washed out and is not harmful to the recovery of the cardboard. Curbside-recyclable certification is expected through Western Michigan University later this year.