Atlantic Packaging // Latin America

Capabilities Overview


Full Service Capabilities

Packaging Distribution & Consulting

Packaging & Material Sales

  • We source and manufacture a variety of business-to-business and business-to-consumer packaging solutions and packaging-related materials for your unique organizational needs.

Inventory Management & Logistics

  • Our partners enjoy just-in-time delivery of their packaging products due to our extensive inventory, warehousing space, and logistics network.
Equipment & Technical Service


  • The premium equipment brands we distribute automate key end-of-line packaging processes to save your organization time and money.

End-of-Line Automation – Design & Installation

  • Let our technicians increase the efficiency of your operation by designing and
    installing a complete automated packaging-fulfillment system.

Technical Service & Training

  • Repairs, preventative maintenance, process optimization, and training are services we offer to increase productivity, reduce downtime, and decrease packaging-related costs at our partners’ facilities.
Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging

  • Our specialized packing team assembles products in their primary packaging to help you meet demand.
Paperboard & Foam Converting

Paperboard & Foam Converting

  • Die Cutting, Folding & Gluing, Slitting & Rewinding, and Sheeting are examples of value-added services we implement to create finished packaging.
  • Cartons, paperboard, paper, cushioning, and pallet sheets are some of the packaging and packaging-related products we create.
Printing & Graphics

Printing & Graphics

  • We offer flexographic, offset, and digital printing, as well as water-based and UV-LED  ink options.
  • Products we print on include labels, cartons, flexible packaging, paper, and shrink sleeves.
Core & Tube Manufacturing

Core & Tube Manufacturing

  • Our industrial winding equipment allows us to produce paperboard cores and tubes ranging from lightweight to heavy-walled.
  • Textiles, plastics, labels, and other materials are wrapped around cores and tubes to assist in protecting and transporting products.
Microbiological Laboratory

Microbiological Laboratory

• Atlantic’s Microbiological Laboratory conducts advanced testing and research on how packaging options protect against the contamination of products from microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Packaging Solution Center


  • Our scientific, data-driven approach to packaging testing allows us to optimize, standardize, and validate your packaging for transit to minimize damage and packaging spend.
  • Packaging testing conducted on our equipment complies with industry standard specifications including ASTM and ISTA.

Film Laboratory

  • State-of-the-art testing devices allow us to determine the capabilities and properties of flexibles and films.
  • Discovering the full potential of what films or flexible can withstand allows us to better inform the recommendations we provide our partners.

Research & Design

  • Our packaging engineers design, create, test, and optimize packaging specific to your unique product and protection needs.